MOVIRUN® software platform

MOVIRUN® is the software platform for our MOVI‑C® modular automation system and the basis for using the MOVIKIT® software modules. With these ready-made software modules, all motion tasks – from simple drive functions to sophisticated motion control functions – can be implemented quickly, easily and conveniently.

MOVIRUN® – the foundation for efficient motion contro

MOVIRUN® – our software platform for control technology
MOVIRUN® – our software platform for control technology
MOVIRUN® – our software platform for control technology

Our MOVIRUN® software platform is available in a variety of designs. MOVIRUN® flexible is the freely programmable and open platform for automation with MOVI‑C® and third-party components. Laying the foundation for interpolated operating modes and sophisticated motion control applications, it also provides a state-of-the art programming systembased on IEC 6-1131. Programming takes place using an IEC Editor that is integrated seamlessly into MOVISUITE®.

You can make use of a wide variety of ready-made MOVIKIT® modules from a modular software system that are easy to incorporate into the user program.

The modules in the MOVIKIT® modular software system can be used in the programming environment. They combine the convenience of graphical configuration and diagnostics with data management incorporating auto-startup for MOVIDRIVE® inverters if a device is being replaced.

Thanks to the interplay of parameterizable MOVIKIT® and MOVIRUN® flexible, you have the choice of either parameterizing or programming your solution, depending on the motion control task and application.

Facts about MOVIRUN®

  • Properties
  • MOVIKIT® software modules

Properties of the software platform

  • Automation with MOVI‑C® and third-party components
  • Interpolated operating modes for sophisticated motion control applications
  • State-of-the-art programming system to IEC 6-1131
  • Ready-made MOVIKIT® software modules can be integrated into the user program.
  • Choice of either parameterizing or programming
  • Thanks to MOVIRUN®, the MOVI‑C® CONTROLLER and MOVI‑C® FIELD CONTROLLER options can be used both for high-performance motion control tasks and as higher-level controllers for machines and systems.
  • A consistent design enables rapid controller switchover.
  • Multi-core technology is supported from MOVISUITE® V2.10: In the case of solutions with several processor cores, MOVIRUN® provides one core for coordinating communication and at least one devoted entirely to motion control and machine control.

The "MultiMotion" category includes MOVIKIT® software modules to implement universal motion control functions for interpolating axes. Defined interfaces enable you to activate and, for example, overlay motion profiles directly via the fieldbus or by means of a user program in the controller.

Use of the following MOVIKIT® modules is included in MOVIRUN® without further licenses:

  • MOVIKIT® MultiMotion:For synchronized motion functions
  • MOVIKIT® MultiMotion Auxiliary Velocity: Auxiliary axis for simple rotational speed tasks
  • MOVIKIT® MultiMotion Auxiliary Positioning: Auxiliary axis for simple positioning tasks

The benefits for you

  • Parameterizing instead of programming

    For motion control tasks aided by software modules that benefit from forward thinking – it doesn't get any quicker or easier than this!
  • Faster startup

    Saves time by using standardized software modules and interfaces
  • No additional programming knowledge is required

    Guided parameterization means you can master motion control tasks in a user-friendly environment
  • Custom implementation

    For complex applications, you can use a cutting-edge, user-friendly program editor to implement your custom application

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  • CAD data and documentation for your configuration
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