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    Taking the strain off the control cabinet

MOVI-C® takes the strain off your control cabinet from end to end – from the inverter and cabling to controllers, software and communication. How? The modular automation system reduces complexity, saves space and cuts costs. Your control cabinet technology now has one inverter platform for every drive. and an end-to-end control platform for both centralized and decentralized drives. Say so long to complex cabling and hello to space-saving single-cable technology.

The inverters from the MOVI‑C® modular automation system take the strain off your control cabinet.

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Inverters from the MOVI‑C® modular automation system

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It is the goal of any company to increase its energy efficiency and take appropriate measures to reduce the energy consumption of its automation systems – without affecting the high degree of availability of processes, production, and machine cells.

This is possible using intelligent products and solutions – some of which we will present to you here.

MOVITRAC® advanced

MOVITRAC® advanced is a compact all-rounder in the 0.25 – 315 kW power range. It can be combined with synchronous and asynchronous AC motors/linear motors and also with asynchronous motors with LSPM technology.

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MOVIDRIVE® modular

MOVIDRIVE® modular is a compact multi-axis system comprising power supply modules, regenerative power supply modules, and single-axis and double-axis modules.

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MOVIDRIVE® system is a single-axis application frequency inverter and the perfect addition to the multi-axis system for large loads or long motor cables.

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MOVIDRIVE® technology

MOVIDRIVE® technology has enhanced properties compared to MOVIDRIVE® system, such as a flexible fieldbus connection, simplified startup and diagnostics, to mention but a few.

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Power and Energy Solutions

Clever energy management using intelligently connected storage capacitors, regenerative power supply modules and DC link coupling.

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MOVISUITE® engineering software

Our MOVISUITE® engineering software simplifies even complex tasks. You can use MOVISUITE® in the planning, startup, operation and diagnostics of your machine or system.

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MOVIKIT® software modules

Our MOVIKIT® software modules are preconfigured to implement everything from straightforward drive functions to complex motion control functions.

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Inverters from the MOVI‑C® modular automation system

The inverters from the MOVI-C® modular automation system can easily solve a range of tasks. A variety of options are available for integrating them into the system topology, depending on requirements or application.

Functional Safety

With the MOVISAFE® CS..A safety cards, functional safety is an integral part of all MOVI-C® application inverters. STO is already included in Pl e in the basic MOVIDRIVE® unit. All higher-level safety functions can be accessed by plugging in an option card, including all necessary connections to the inverter technology.

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Digital MOVILINK® DDI motor interface

A digital data line makes the motor a participant in the data network. All data from the motor, such as encoder data, temperature data, commissioning data and data from other sensor genes, is supplied by the motor to the application inverter and the associated networks at all times.

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With our special operator panels you control our inverters. Simple handling, easy operation, haptically optimized switches - smooth operation.

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Standard, compact or modular:

Inverters from the MOVI-C® modular automation system are available as single-axis application inverters with rated outputs of up to 315 kW and as modular multi-axis systems incorporating single-axis and double-axis modules with rated currents of up to 180 A. They exhibit an overload capacity of up to 250% for dynamic motions. Both as single-axis application inverters and in the modular design, the inverter technology made by SEW-EURODRIVE controls and monitors all types of motors, from synchronous and asynchronous AC motors with/without an encoder to asynchronous motors with LSPM technology or synchronous and asynchronous linear motors. Functional safety is of course built in and even the basic unit incorporates the safety function STO in PL e. More than 15 additional safety functions can be incorporated using safety option cards.