MOVILINK® DDI digital motor interface

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    Minimalist principle – one cable for power and data

The MOVILINK® DDI digital motor interface transmits performance, brake and diagnostic data from the inverter to the motor. Start the data revolution in your application, too – whether it's a centralized or decentralized installation topology, a synchronous, asynchronous or linear motor. You never again have to wonder which encoder goes with which interface. It will always match!

MOVILINK® DDI lets data flow

Red MOVIGEAR connected to a MOVIMOT flexible via an orange cable
Single-cable technology with MOVILINK® DDI digital motor interface
Single-cable technology with MOVILINK® DDI digital motor interface

Single-cable technology forms the basis for the energy supply and seamless data exchange. In technological terms, this means you only need one hybrid cable to supply the motor with power and establish communication with the frequency inverter, no matter how extensive your system is. Movement is already underway – data is already flowing.

In practical terms, this also means you save time and money during installation, because the exceptionally robust and high-performance design of the cable with coaxial data line makes it possible to implement compact installations with ease.

The technology in detail

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  • Benefits & areas of application
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  • Condition Monitoring


  • Fully digital single-cable technology for synchronous, asynchronous, and linear motors and decentralized drive technology
  • Hybrid single-cable technology with uniform plug connector for power supply and data transfer
  • Even suitable for very long cables up to 200 m in length
  • Exceptionally robust, high-performance design with coaxial data cable – enables extremely compact installation and a high protection category
  • Fully integrated digital motor encoder in various designs
  • The data line is linked to the application inverter using a series-standard coaxial connector
  • MOVILINK® DDI is integrated into all frequency inverters in the MOVI-C®modular automation system as standard
  • One channel: Quick startup thanks to the electronic nameplate and detailed operating status display at all times, indicating data such as motor power, motor temperature monitoring, brake supply, brake wear, encoder information and other sensors


  • Control any motor
    using just one series of inverters
  • Functional safety included
    from compact devices to modular multi-axis systems with single-axis and double-axis modules
  • Rapid, straightforward auto-commissioning
    as the electronic nameplate supplies all the gear unit and motor data you need (plug and play)
  • Save time and money
    by reducing cable requirements during installation, which enables space-saving configurations
  • Optimize parts logistics
    through connectivity across the entire drive system – motor, inverter, encoder, brake, sensors, and other options

Areas of application

  • Digitalization for every drive system, in both centralized and decentralized installations
  • Condition monitoring with DriveRadar® from SEW-EURODRIVE
  • Preparation for functional safety

MOVILINK® DDI lets data flow

Simple and fast motor startup with MOVILINK DDI

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Simple and fast motor startup with MOVILINK DDI

Quick and easy motor startup with MOVILINK® DDI
  • Storage and transmission of drive data via electronic nameplate
  • Automatic commissioning by identifying the drive on the inverter
  • Brake and diagnostic data (e.g. temperature sensor data)
  • Encoder data, non-safe (safe in preparation)

Condition Monitoring

MOVI-C® with MOVILINK® DDI and DriveRadar®
MOVI-C® with MOVILINK® DDI and DriveRadar®

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MOVI-C® with MOVILINK® DDI and DriveRadar®

MOVI-C® with MOVILINK® DDI and DriveRadar®

The communication unit of the MOVILINK DDI®interface pools your drive data. MOVILINK® DDI makes it possible to collect sensor data both on and inside the motor, and put this data to use. If complex data analyses are required, evaluate the data provided by MOVILINK® DDI using an edge processing unit. Quick, secure and, if necessary, accessible from anywhere. You can also use the DriveRadar® IoT app. We offer effective digitalization to save you time and money, thanks to our fast, automated support!


What MOVILINK ® DDI can do and what it offers you

A quote from Steffen Quadt – Product Manager MOVILINK® DDI and Encoder Technology

Further information

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Here you will find technical details about the components from SEW-EURODRIVE, their connection technology, and digital motor integration with MOVILINK® DDI.