Decentralized drive technology

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    Combinations for modularity in the field

Are you looking for modular drive elements for your decentralized system concept? Our decentralized drive technology has everything you need – compact drive units, decentralized inverters and motion controllers for field use – and everything can be easily combined and recombined as required. This is all possible not least because the standardized control and communication architecture forms the perfect team. Need a customized drive solution? Now all it takes is a few simple steps.

Decentralized drive technology for your application

  • Decentralized drives
  • Decentralized inverters
  • Software
  • Digital motor integration

Decentralized drives

MOVIMOT® advanced

MOVIMOT® advanced is an all-rounder that provides functionality and end-to-end compatibility. An energy-efficient DRN.. series asynchronous motor with the new decentralized inverter from the MOVI-C® modular automation system.

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MOVIMOT® performance

MOVIMOT® performance is our specialist for precision and flexibility that more than fulfills the requirements of IE5, the highest possible energy efficiency rating for a motor to IEC TS 60034-30-2.

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MOVIGEAR® performance

MOVIGEAR® performance combines motor, gear unit and inverter in a single housing. Thanks to digital interfaces and much more, it is ideal for dynamic applications.

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Decentralized inverters

MOVIMOT® flexible

MOVIMOT® flexible enables the decentralized inverter to be installed close to the motor in your application. With MOVIMOT® flexible, it's up to you whether you opt for a synchronous or asynchronous motor.

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MOVISUITE® engineering software

Our MOVISUITE® engineering software simplifies even complex tasks. You can use MOVISUITE® in the planning, startup, operation and diagnostics of your machine or system.

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MOVIKIT® software modules

Our MOVIKIT® software modules are preconfigured to implement everything from straightforward drive functions to complex motion control functions.

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Digital motor integration

Digital MOVILINK® DDI motor interface

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No matter how spread out your system becomes – one cable is all you need to connect all your decentralized components and supply them with energy.