Single-axis scissor lift table

The predefined versions of the scissor lift table package make it easier for you to select the right components for your ideal solution.

Flexible lifting solution for many operating conditions

Single-Axis Scissor Lift Table Version
The single-axis version provides lifting solutions.
The single-axis version provides lifting solutions.

In this useful application solution, we have already combined all the advantages of our drive technology with the table positioning software module. The powerful MOVIDRIVE® B frequency inverter controls the starting and braking behavior to deliver accurate positioning. Depending on your requirements, you can extend this variant individually. The single-axis vertical conveyor adapts flexibly to your needs. You, too, can benefit from the flexibility of our modular lifting solutions. Our package version with a single-axis scissor lift table provides you with lifting solutions for many applications.

Since this version consists solely of the lifting axis, it helps us to provide you with extremely flexible concepts. The starting and braking response is controlled by our powerful MOVIDRIVE® B frequency inverter and allows for precise positioning. You can also enhance this system with other technology functions.

You can adjust the drive technology in the single-axis scissor lift table to the mechanical construction with a high level of flexibility. Furthermore, it can always be extended because it forms the basis for lifting solutions with a modular design. Make the most of this flexibility for modular lifting solutions.

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Your benefits

  • Flexible connection

    possible to any fieldbus.
  • Individual concept

    of the modular lifting solutions is flexible.
  • Drive technology

    powerful with proven SEW quality.
  • Frequency inverters

    powerful with or without technology option.


MOVIDRIVE® MDX61B drive inverter

High-performance drive inverter for dynamic applications

  • High-performance drive inverter for dynamic drives in the 0.55 – 315 kW power range
  • User-friendly operator interface and high functionality
  • Extensive features and options allow for a broad diversity of applications
  • Fast familiarization and project planning, as well as quick startup and simplified installation of cables and accessories thanks to sophisticated connection technology

AC motors in the DR.. series

Efficient, powerful and used worldwide

  • More compact design enables both cost and space savings
  • Choose from our extensive SEW-EURODRIVE gear portfolio
  • The choice of different brake sizes enables you to reduce prices: up to three brake sizes are available for each size of motor
  • Motor has fully integrated built-in encoder
  • Modular IEC system

Table positioning

Software module specially adjusted to components

Table positioning component for the MAXOLUTION® single-axis scissor lift table variant

If your drive technology offers a diverse range of functions, it is important to use suitable software for operating the drives and displaying a visualization of your processes. The software module used for the MAXOLUTION® scissor lift table is optimally adapted to the components used and the required functionality. Using the specified modules significantly decreases the time required for application programming and startup.

In this case, DR.. series asynchronous motors are used in combination with the MOVIDRIVE® frequency inverter. Table positioning or bus positioning is available in the optimal technology version of the MOVIDRIVE® frequency inverter for sequences of motion.

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