SEW-EURODRIVE system buses

Everything fits together: Our SEW-EURODRIVE system buses not only ensure that our drive technology components communicate smoothly with one another but also equally ensure smooth communication between drive, periphery and our controllers.

Remain flexible

SEW-EURODRIVE system buses
SEW-EURODRIVE system buses
SEW-EURODRIVE system buses

In applications with our control and drive technology, we also recommend SEW-EURODRIVE system bus technologies as an alternative to standardized fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet networks.

This allows you to remain really flexible: SEW-EURODRIVE system buses support central system concepts with control cabinet installations as well as decentralized drive systems, and also combinations of both.

SEW-EURODRIVE system buses are seamlessly integrated into the unit hardware. This reduces the number of bus cables required and it is even possible to have structures without any bus cables.

Save on time and costs: besides the hardware integration, the software-side integration into the components and the startup and diagnostics software all help to achieve a system that operates economically and smoothly.

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Your benefits

  • Flexible system concepts

    can be easily achieved thanks to our system buses: both in central control cabinet installations and in decentralized systems.
  • Easier to install

    as interfaces are avoided or completely integrated.
  • Simple startup

    as the SEW-EURODRIVE system buses are optimally adjusted to the drive electronics and the controller and are preset.
  • Fast data exchange

    ensures smooth processes and accurate status messages and therefore a system that operates economically and smoothly.
  • Integrated diagnostics concept

    as components, network and tools are seamlessly integrated into one another.


SNI (Single Line Network Installation)

combines the advantages of reduced installation effort with the technology of Ethernet-based communication in a single innovative drive infrastructure solution:

  • Electrical energy infrastructure used as basis for transferring the Ethernet-based communication signals
  • Ethernet-based access to all individual participants from a central point
  • Significant reduction in installation times as only supply cables need to be connected
  • Maximum expansion of the line topology for up to ten drives on a cable length of 100 m in total.
  • Installation with shielded standard cables in accordance with the SEW-EURODRIVE regulation, no special cables necessary

SBus (CAN-based SEW-EURODRIVE system bus)

CAN technology, which was developed for use in mobile applications is also used in automation:

  • Consistent use of the multi-master functionality of the CAN for data exchange between drives, on a project-specific basis even completely without additional controllers
  • The SBus also supports applications that require HART real time conditions for communications. Applications such as “Electronic Gear Unit” and “Multi-axis MotionControl” allow the clock-synchronous transfer of setpoints and actual values between the drives themselves or in the network with a controller
  • Cost-efficient networking through the use of standard CAN bus cables, via screw connections in the control cabinet and, alternatively, also with M12 plug connectors standardized for DeviceNet or CANopen in decentralized applications
  • Maximum extension of the line topology to 500 m. The number of drives and peripheral components is limited to 64 but is generally under 20

SBusPLUS (EtherCAT®)

In networks with our controllers and our drive technology, SBusPLUS provides not only optimal integration but also additional functions for simple and fast startup:

  • EtherCAT® is a HART (real time) capable communication technology, which also proves to be flexible in matters related to installation
  • Star, tree and line topologies, all also with spur lines, can be implemented practically without impacting performance
  • Further information is available from the ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group)

Overview of SEW-EURODRIVE system buses

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Unit family Decentralized controller
MOVIFIT®FDC-SNI mounting position
DHx21 control card DHx41 control card UHX71B control card
CCU software:
Configurable solutions
MOVI-PLC®: software
User-defined programming
CCU software:
Configurable solutions
MOVI-PLC®: software
User-defined programming
CCU software:
Configurable solutions
MOVI-PLC®: software
User-defined programming
MOVI-PLC®: software
User-defined programming
System bus SBus (CAN) and SNI SBus (CAN) SBus (CAN) SBUSPLUS (EtherCAT) SBUSPLUS SBus to OSC71B
Control cabinet
MOVITRAC® B     via FSC via FSC via FSC Yes via FSE24B via FSE24B FSC
MOVIDRIVE® B     Yes Yes Yes Yes via DFE24B via DFE24B
MOVIAXIS®     Yes Yes via XFE/XSE via XFE/XSE
Control cabinet and decentralized installation                  
MOVITRAC® LTE-B Yes1) Yes Yes1) Yes Yes1) Yes   Yes
MOVITRAC® LTP‑B Yes1) Yes Yes1) Yes Yes1) Yes   Yes
Decentralized drive systems
MOVIGEAR® DSC Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes
MOVIFIT® Slave Yes Yes Yes Yes  
I/O system via OCC via OCC via OCC via OCE via OCE
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Areas of application

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Industry General conditions SEW-EURODRIVE system bus Specification

  • Airport intralogistics, e.g. for baggage sorting, belt conveyor systems, baggage transportation
  • Food and beverage industry, e.g. transporting packaging units, pallets or bottles
  • Automotive industry and general materials handling technology, e.g. in lifting systems, belt, chain or roller conveyors

In all areas of logistics with a focus on reduced effort during installation, startup and maintenance SNI (Single Line Network Installation)
In cost-sensitive applications without controllers or networks, with few drives that are controlled by the controller with high requirements SBus (CAN-based SEW system bus)
High-performance motion control mode with short cycle times and large network coverage SBusPLUS (EtherCAT®)
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