PT Pilot® - Drive Selection Tool

Selecting a custom reducer or gearmotor is fast and easy! PT Pilot® is our feature-rich, cutting edge online selection tool. No installation or purchase is necessary.

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PT Pilot® Features

  • Quotation With Net Price

    We understand that you need it now. That is why PT Pilot gives you a net price immediately so that you can move onto your next project.
  • Online Ordering

    No need to call or email Customer Service. Simply press the Order button and you are finished.
  • Open/Save Quotations

    Saving your PT Pilot session allows you to view it or modify it easily in the future.
  • Open Co-workers' Saved Quotations

    PT Pilot allows co-workers within the same company to see each other's quotes. This is especially beneficial for purchasing agents.
  • Parts List & Dimensions

    PT Pilot automatically displays parts lists, dimensions, and other documentation specific to your selection for downloading or attaching to your email.
  • 2D or 3D Electronic CAD Files

    Regardless of your CAD program, we have the electronic files to make your job easier.
  • Drive Application Calculator

    Unsure of your HP and speed requirements? PT Pilot automatically calculates the static and dynamics torques required for your application.
  • Includes Thermal and Mechanical Ratings

    Ambient temperature, oil volume, and motor speed affect oil temperature. PT Pilot's proprietary program calculates the oil sump temperature and pre-selects all options to protect against heat.