MOVI-C® / MOVISUITE® engineering software

Is there one software package that can handle every aspect of machine and plant automation? A software that can be used for planning, commissioning, operation and diagnostics and also speed things up and reduce costs for users while improving usability, even during the software engineering process? Yes there is – MOVISUITE® from SEW EURODRIVE.

Allow us to introduce: The multi-talented MOVISUITE®

Does that sound too good to be true? Well, that is exactly what we set out to provide when developing customized solutions for your automation and engineering requirements. And that is all the more important if these solutions are to make your day-to-day work easier and offer future-proof assistance for your planning and orders – support you can rely on for the long term. What's more, the same applies whether you're a plant or mechanical engineer engaged in planning or project engineering or an end customer actually running the machine or plant.

This is why, when developing our solution, we took the time to talk to the people who actually use engineering software. Their input and the latest scientific findings on human-centered design, usability and user experience were all fed into the development of MOVISUITE®. The end result is that our engineering software is centered firmly around usability.

Every aspect has been carefully geared towards ensuring users can complete their tasks and satisfy specific requirements easily, quickly and, most importantly, efficiently. That applies whether the drive system in question is for single-axis or multi-axis applications, or for automating a machine module or the entire plant. Whether working on simple or complex automation tasks, the MOVISUITE® engineering software, and particularly its user interface, is easy to follow, intuitive and self-explanatory.

From inverters and control technology to motors, gear units and drive systems, all the components in the MOVI-C® modular automation system can be configured, commissioned and monitored end to end using MOVISUITE®. This saves time, money and nerves. At the same time, the graphical user interface of MOVISUITE® boasts a strikingly modern look and feel.

Thanks to enhanced usability and user experience, even beginners can use the software with confidence. However, there is also plenty of expert knowledge readily available to give technophiles a helping hand. We're confident you'll agree that MOVISUITE® puts the user at the heart of everything.

MOVI-C® = Total automation from a single source

  • Provided by an automation specialist
  • All phases from planning and commissioning to operation, diagnostics and
  • All components from software and controllers to inverters and drives

Your benefits

  • Save time and money

    because unrivaled usability speeds things up considerably.
  • One software package for everything

    because it covers every phase from planning and commissioning to operation and diagnostics.
  • Software engineering simplified

    because one software package provides an all-inclusive automation solution for everything from inverters and controllers to drives


MOVISUITE® standard

  • End-to-end engineering for all components in the MOVI C® modular automation system, from inverters to customer-specific drive technology
  • Rapid engineering thanks to unique usability and optimized workflows
  • User-friendly operation with a modern look and feel, and state-of-the-art GUI technology
  • Simple accessibility thanks to homogenized engineering interfaces
  • Commissioning and parameter setting of the MOVIDRIVE® modular and system application inverters
  • Optimized workflows for professional and occasional users
  • State-of-the-art interactive design ensures users can familiarize themselves with the software quickly and easily
  • Intuitive handling of inverter functions such as manual mode and drive train commissioning
  • Configuration and creation of IEC programs for MOVI-C® CONTROLLER
  • Parameter setting and diagnostics of the MOVIKIT® modules
  • Efficient data management
  • Integrated project management
  • Network scan and device display
  • Scope function
  • Electronic catalog for SEW-EURODRIVE products
  • Extensive context-sensitive help for users

Human-centered design

Human-centered design is about meeting the requirements that will ensure state-of-the-art software is developed and designed around the needs of users or people, and delivers the best possible user experience. These requirements are even described and laid down in a technical standard, specifically DIN ISO 9410-210. But what exactly are the stipulations behind this standard and its numerical code? Quite simply, they offer a definition that describes how to make software and user interfaces easier to use.

All development work should revolve around the person who will later have to work with the software. That is why most interdisciplinary teams of developers ideally like to begin by putting themselves in the shoes of users and considering questions such as: Who are the typical users? What do they want to achieve with the product? And what is the easiest way they can reach their objective?

After that, the initial prototypes are developed and subjected to thorough testing by potential users. This means any necessary optimizations can be quickly identified and put into practice. Throughout the development process, the goal is always to combine the highest possible level of user-friendliness and usability.

MOVI-C® live
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gingerbread packaging machine

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More informations:

Automated packaging with MOVI-C®

Typical application multipack assembling machine and top loader

The new MOVI-C® automation series represents the future of automation. The modular system is made up of four modules.
MOVI-C®: A comprehensive modular automation system

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The new MOVI-C® automation series represents the future of automation. The modular system is made up of four modules.

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Lebkuchenproduktion mit dem modularem Automatisierungsbaukasten MOVI-C®
Lebkuchenproduktion mit MOVI-C®

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Lebkuchenproduktion mit dem modularem Automatisierungsbaukasten MOVI-C®

MOVI-C® moves

Gingerbread production in full swing with MOVI-C®

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