MOVIRUN® software platform

MOVIRUN® is the software platform for our MOVI-C® automation kit and the basis for using the MOVIKIT® software modules. With these prefabricated software modules, all movement tasks, from simple drive functions to demanding motion control functions, can be implemented easily, quickly, and conveniently.

MOVIRUN® the foundation for efficient MotionControl and automation solutions

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MOVIRUN® – Our software platform

Our MOVIRUN® software platform is available in different versions. MOVIRUN® flexible is the freely programmable and open platform for automation with MOVI-C® and third-party components. It is the basis for interpolated operating modes and demanding MotionControl applications, and also offers a modern programming system based on IEC 6-1131. You can make use of a variety of ready-to-use MOVIKIT® modules from a single software kit that can be easily integrated into the user program.

The modules from the modular software system MOVIKIT® can be used in the programming environment and offer the comfort of graphical configuration and diagnostics as well as data management with an auto reload function for the MOVIDRIVE® inverters in case of device replacement.

MOVIRUN® flexible includes the following features

  • Automation with MOVI-C® and third-party components
  • Synchronous SBusPLUS EtherCAT® bus
  • Modern programming system in accordance with IEC 6-1131

Use of the following MOVIKIT® modules is included:

  • MOVIKIT® MultiMotion – for synchronized movement functions
  • MOVIKIT® MultiMotion auxiliary Velocity – auxiliary axis for simple rotational speed tasks
  • MOVIKIT® MultiMotion auxiliary Positioning – auxiliary axis for simple positioning tasks

The benefits for you

  • Wide range of functions

    and user-friendly interface
  • Parameterization instead of programming

    with ready-to-use software functions – it doesn't get any quicker and easier
  • Faster startup

    saves time, via standardized software modules and interfaces
  • Rapid familiarization with the system

    provides quick project planning and startup