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The most stringent of quality requirements also apply to SEW-EURODRIVE products, applications and system solutions in the area of product security. For these to be fulfilled over the entire service life of the products, we take any messages that we receive concerning potential weak points very seriously. Our company has therefore had its Product Security Management which was introduced successfully certified by TÜV NORD in accordance with IEC 62443-4-1.

Product Security Management at SEW-EURODRIVE

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The security and quality of our software is our number one priority. This is the only way to fulfill the requirements that we make of ourselves and those of our customers. We have therefore set up the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team). This team is responsible for ongoing quality assurance of our products. This is where all messages relating to cyber security are dealt with in a central location, regardless of whether they apply to products, solutions or one of our services. CERT also ensures that our customers are provided with information promptly.

If you have become aware of a potential vulnerability in one of our systems, or if other security-related incidents have occurred in your company which are associated with products or solutions from SEW-EURODRIVE, we would be grateful if you would report them to our team.

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Security advisories

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The CERT team of experts controls the internal analysis of potential security weak points and initiates the necessary response. In the event of confirmed weak points, safety notes are published in the form of security advisories and, if the situation demands, updates concerning product-specific measures are provided

Message relating to potential vulnerability

We would expressly like to encourage you to immediately report any kind of potential vulnerability that you consider a risk to our team. It goes without saying that our team is obliged to protect any files you send to them and treat all content with the utmost of care.

In order for inquiries or information about anything relating to product security to be directed straight to our team quickly and easily, we have set up an e-mail address for you to contact our CERT experts.

Important information

Please provide us with the following information:

  • Contact information for any queries, including company details of the correspondent if necessary
  • Product(s) affected, including model or version number if necessary
  • For system solutions, project designation/number if necessary
  • Detailed description and classification of the vulnerability
  • Effects of the vulnerability (if known)
  • Reference to previously published CVE, including CVSS score if necessary (if known)
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If you have any questions or information about weak points, please contact us

You can do this in an encrypted form as a PGP.

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