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Technical Support
Coast to coast and around the world, SEW-EURODRIVE sets the standard for reliability and service. Our drive solutions are engineered to perform day after day in the toughest environments. We stand behind this commitment with 24/7 local service and technical assistance. This unique support program makes sure the needs of our customers are met anywhere, anytime.

→ Engineering and Technical Support
→ Emergency After-Hours Support Line
→ Authorized Service Centers
→ CDS® Complete Drive Service

We also offer the following step-by-step tutorials for maintaining your SEW gearmotor or brakemotor.
Motor - Stator Only Replacement
Motor - Complete Motor Replacement
Motor - Pinon Gear Replacement
Motor - Changing from High to Low Voltage (R76 Diagram)
Motor - Changing Conduit Box and Cable Entry Location
Brake - Adjustment
Brake - Disc Replacement
Brake - Service and Maintenance
Brake - Complete Brake Replacement
Gear Unit - Service and Maintenance