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Driving the material handling / packaging industry

Whether it's 300 drives for a parcel logistics plant in Cincinnati or a single replacement gearmotor for a storage and retrieval application in Los Angeles, leading companies choose SEW-EURODRIVE for their material handling challenges because we deliver drive solutions with the speed, flexibility and reliability you need to keep your operation on schedule.

From drives powering conveyors, rotary tables, vertical positioning units and palletizers to labeling, feeding, filling and process automation - SEW drive engineering specialists offer solutions & expertise for virtually any material handling challenge. This expertise, developed over thousands of solutions and over 75 years serving leading companies around the world, enables SEW to deliver innovative solutions that reduce costs, improve efficiency and help our customers stay competitive.

And at SEW, we know how critical your drive's uptime is to your success. That's why we build our reliable products to high quality standards and offer modular drive components for quick replacement; fast and flexible drive assembly processes; support locations coast-to-coast and committed staff near you who will do whatever it takes to keep you up and running with the shortest down time possible.

Depend on the drive supplier that the world's best packaging and logistics companies trust. Depend on SEW-EURODRIVE.

Typical Packaging Applications Include:

Vertical Packaging Machine

Typical Parcel Logistics Applications Include:

Corner Repositioning Unit

Typical Port Logistics Applications Include: