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The Truth About Energy-Efficient Motors For the highest energy savings, it is important to look at the entire drivetrain when searching for ways to improve efficiency. Consider carefully the misconceptions that surround energy-efficient motors, and be sure you are investing your money wisely to save the most energy possible.
Decentralized Control Achieves Repeatable Processes & Maximum Production Uptime At Lower Cost Advances in technology are enabling manufacturers to get closer to a long-sought goal: factories that produce goods of uniform quality, just in time to meet customer demand, at the lowest possible cost. Decentralized control is one of the most useful of these developments, helping manufacturers achieve more repeatable processes with maximum system availability and that are able to more rapidly accommodate production line changes.
FAQs: Decentralized Control What is decentralized control? What are some typical applications? How can I save money? Is it difficult to program? Do I need a fieldbus? Can I use a PLC or multiple motors with one control? What about commissioning, maintenance, and reliability? What do I need to know about about safety and cabling?
Contactless Energy Transfer Talk to any plant engineer or production system designer and you will find that electrical wiring is the bane of their existence. From installing the wires, to rewiring as production lines need to be changed, to repairing damage caused by careless workers, electrical wires represent an ongoing cost and risk for downtime in manufacturing plants.
Decentralized Control Audit Report Model: Cost difference between a centralized and a decentralized installation.