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Total Cost of Ownership

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Optimum solution for reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO)
On the global market, the decision to buy a product is influenced increasingly by follow-up costs associated with the acquisition, usage and disposal of the product, and not just the cost of the initial investment. Taking the total cost of ownership (TCO) into account is becoming more important, in particular for drive engineering components of a machine or system.

Undoubtedly, investment costs for electrical drives are minor when compared to amount of the overall investment in a system or plant, but it is precisely the choice of drive technology that can have a decisive influence on the follow-up costs. Factors such as functionality and efficiency during operation, service and maintenance costs as well as follow-up costs resulting from scheduled and unscheduled downtimes are often underestimated. SEW-EURODRIVE offers product solutions for a significant cut in lifecycle costs for the most diverse applications.

Total cost of ownership (TCO):

Investment costs
20 %
80 %
Additional equipment
Spare parts
Spare parts system maintenance/services

TCO technologies from SEW-EURODRIVE not only increase the efficiency of your processes, but also make a sustainable contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions, and so help protect our environment.

Discovering and minimizing hidden costs

With the TCO solutions from SEW-EURODRIVE, you gain cost transparency and invest in your future.

Reducing energy costs

SEW-EURODRIVE is the first company in the world to implement copper die-casting technology in industrial series production successfully. The result: Highly efficient energy-saving motors at surprisingly competitive prices. As energy costs can account for over 95% of a motor's life cycle costs, choosing the right motor has enormous cost-saving potential.

Reducing maintenance costs

With MOVITRANS® contactless energy transfer, SEW-EURODRIVE offers all system operators a simple and robust application technology. The principle of induction allows for contactless energy transfer, which means no wear, no dirt! This also achieves longer periods between maintenance and higher system availability.

Reducing overall costs

SEW-EURODRIVE's MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive system is an additional product with optimized TCO properties. MOVIGEAR® is an optimal combination of motor, gear unit and electronics in a compact housing and uses up to 30% less energy. Its excellent networking features reduce the time required for installation, startup and integration, resulting in reduced overall costs.

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