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MOVIAXIS® Multi-Axis Servo Inverter

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Along with axis modules and master modules, the MOVIAXIS® product range comprises supply modules, additional modules, option/expansion cards, and a comprehensive range of accessories.

MOVIAXIS® Multi-Axis Servo Inverter
Overview of benefits:

MOVIAXIS® Multi-Axis Servo Inverter
MOVIAXIS® offers:
  • Product scalability (hardware and software)
  • Communication and networking options
  • Drive functionality and automation options
  • Engineering, startup, configuration and diagnostics using MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio
  • Power range from 10 kW rated supply power, up to a peak power of 187 kW
  • From power supplies with high overload capacities to sinusoidal regenerative power supplies
  • Safety technology can be integrated
  • Robust housing and simple installation
  • Support of all common encoder systems
  • With motion control functions that range from simple, graphically selectable technology functions to powerful 32-bit control systems
  • With widely applicable motor/gear unit range
  • With graduated motion control that ranges from simple positioning to support of customer-specific kinematics

Master modules
MOVIAXIS® Multi-Axis Servo Inverter
Master modules are the “brain” of any axis system. Depending on the variant, the entire axis system is addressed by a non-SEW controller or by a MOVI-PLC® controller from SEW-EURODRIVE.
The MOVIAXIS® master module is available in three variants:
  • Fieldbus gateway with data memory
  • MOVI-PLC® basic motion/network controller1
  • MOVI-PLC® advanced motion/network controller
1) On request

Axis modules
MOVIAXIS® Multi-Axis Servo Inverter
Axis modules either communicate directly with an external controller via the integrated system buses and fieldbus option cards or are controlled centrally via a master module of one of the three types.
  • Maximum overload of 250% for maximum 1 s (max. 250 A; the overload time increases for lower overloads)1
  • Fast touch-probe inputs
  • Integrated DC 24 V brake control
  • Extensive motion control and technology functions
  • Multi-encoder interface in the basic unit
  • Double 7-segment display for clear messages
  • Auto reload of all axis parameters when replacing the unit (in conjunction with master module)
Nominal currents 8 kHz/4 kHz PWM:
  • 2/2, 4/4, 8/8, 12/12, 16/16, 24/32, 32/42, 48/64, 64/85, 100/133
1) Basic 8 kHz rated current values

Supply modules
MOVIAXIS® Multi-Axis Servo Inverter
The supply modules provide the connected axes with power. They have a high overload capacity and regulate the regenerated power according to the unit variant.
  • 10 kW, 25 kW, 50 kW, 75 kW
  • Maximum overload of up to 250% of the nominal power for a maximum of 1 s (max. 187 kW)
  • Minimized charging currents for mains-friendly harmonic behavior and high effective current percentage
  • Automatic addressing of all connected CAN axes for successful startup
  • With integrated braking resistor and energy storage (MXP 81)
  • Sinusoidal regenerative power supply 50, 75 kW (MXR)

MXR regenerative power supply modules
The MXR regenerative power supply module has been developed for complete regeneration of braking energy. It provides a constant, controlled DC link voltage and drive performance regardless of fluctuations or variations in the supply input voltage. Power is taken from the supply system with cos φ = 1 as standard.
It also feeds back excess energy into the supply system sinusoidally, avoiding line harmonics almost completely. This means that sensitive electronic components operated on the same supply system are subject to significantly less interference.
The MXR also offers service and operation features, such as information about effective power or an integrated load counter.

MXC storage modules
The optional MXC storage modules were developed for storing energy temporarily. They can be connected to all other MXP supply modules. Braking energy is “moved” temporarily and utilized again during the next acceleration process. This minimizes the average amount of energy taken from the supply system and reduces or completely prevents the heating of the control cabinet.
This reduces costs for the control system climate control and saves valuable mounting space.

MXP81 compact supply modules
For machines with a particularly compact design and fast cycle times, the compact power supply modules meet demands for minimum installation effort, small housing dimensions and energy buffering to prevent/reduce losses and heat dissipation. In this supply module, a braking resistor is integrated in addition to a storage module. Amounts of energy that exceed the storage capacity are automatically dissipated.

Operating conditions and power levels of the energy-saving modules
Very dynamic applications with fast cycle times
Dynamic applications
Lower dynamics
Lower axis output/smaller loads
Large servo axes/medium loads
(Continuously operated) power axes/heavy loads

In addition to energy consumption, which is already optimized for synchronous servomotors due to their operating principle, the handling of the braking energy is key.

During the development of MOVIAXIS®, this topic has been paid special attention. Options for re-using the braking energy were developed in order to significantly improve the overall energy balance of a drive solution and to save costs.

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