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MOVI-PLC® Control Technology

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MOVI-PLC® – Universal, scalable and powerful

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MOVI-PLC® Control Technology


The various MOVI-PLC® basic and advanced controls are available not only as control cards for the MOVIDRIVE® B, MOVITRAC® B and MOVIAXIS® inverters, but also as compact controls for installation on a DIN rail. Both the control cards and the compact controls are designed for universal control of all drives from SEW-EURODRIVE.

Engineering for MOVI-PLC® control cards and MOVI-PLC® compact controls is identical. Compact controls are used whenever the option slots in the inverters are assigned or the logistic concept calls for separation of drive and motion control.


You can select the most appropriate variant for your application and usage from a multitude of different MOVI-PLC® controls (some in preparation). Two control classes for the medium and upper power range, several unit versions for technology and application libraries, different fieldbus connections as well as additional interfaces for optimum connection of a drive operator terminal form a comprehensive portfolio of control hardware. For MOVI-PLC® advanced, the technology versions are also saved on the memory card so that additional versions are available based on a combination of compact control and memory card.


MOVI-PLC® controls are powerful in many respects. In addition to the comprehensive technical equipment consisting of communication interfaces, integrated and fast I/O, large memory and power reserves, MOVI-PLC® offers its advantages primarily through comfortable and standardized engineering. They include graphical programming languages according to IEC 61131-3, animation of the program sequence and online change. In addition, the fast system bus lets users automate even complex motion sequences involving movement of up to 64 axes in synchronous motion. The customized technology and application libraries offer optimal support for universal control of all inverters from SEW-EURODRIVE.

MOVI-PLC® controls at a glance

MOVI-PLC® Control Technology
MOVI-PLC® basic control card
  • In unit versions T0, T1, T2
  • For installation in MOVIDRIVE® B, MOVITRAC® B, MOVIAXIS® master module
Technical data
  • PROFIBUS slave DP-V1
  • 2 CAN interfaces, 1 of these is electrically isolated
  • RS-485 interface
  • 7 LEDs for PLC, PROFIBUS and CAN status display
  • 8 digital I/Os, 5 of which are interruptible
  • 512 kB program memory
  • 128 kB data memory
  • 16 kB retain variables
  • 8 kB system variables (retain)
  • Up to 4000 IL lines/msec
  • Free-wheeling task
  • Cyclic tasks: 1 ms, 5 ms, 10 ms, 100 ms
MOVI-PLC® Control Technology
Extension for MOVI-PLC® basic DHP11B-T..
  • Additional HMI/engineering/drive interface
  • For installation in MOVIDRIVE® B, MOVIAXIS® master module
  • Optional in compact control

MOVI-PLC® Control Technology
MOVI-PLC® advanced control cards
  • DHE41B with ETHERNET interface
  • DHF41B with additional PROFIBUS and DeviceNet slave interface
  • DHR41B with additional PROFINET / ETHERNET IP / Modbus TCP / IP slave interfaces
  • For installation in MOVIDRIVE® B, MOVITRAC® B, MOVIAXIS® master module
Technical data
  • 2x ETHERNET (10/100 BaseT)
  • 2 x CAN interfaces, 1 of which electrically isolated
  • 2 x RS-485
  • USB
  • PROFIBUS slave DP-V1, DeviceNet slave (DHF41B)
  • 8 digital I/O
  • Status display for PLC and fieldbus
  • 8 MB program memory
  • 4 MB data memory
  • 32 kB retain variables
  • 8 kB system variables (retain)
  • Up to 4000 IL lines/msec
  • Free-wheeling task, 5 cyclic tasks (1 ms to 10000 ms)
  • PC-readable memory card for firmware and application program
MOVI-PLC® Control Technology
Memory cards for MOVI-PLC® advanced
  • With technology activation T0, T1, T2

MOVI-PLC® Control Technology
DH.. / .. / UOH..
MOVI-PLC® compact controls
  • DHP11B-Tx / UOH11B
  • DHP11B-Tx / OST11B / UOH21B
  • DHE41B / UOH11B
  • DHF41B / UOH21B
MOVI-PLC® Control Technology
MOVIFIT® function level “Technology”
  • With integrated MOVI-PLC® basic
  • For decentralized field installation

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