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MOVI-PLC® Application

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The MOVI-PLC® demonstrates its full strength in multi-axis applications. It communicates with connected inverters in the background, automatically and optimized. The engineering for the entire machine takes place centrally in MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio.

Application modules

Ready-to-use application modules, which the user can configure and set parameters for using graphical user interfaces, are now available for numerous applications. This means that handling gantries, cranes, hoists or conveyor systems can be automated easily and without knowledge of IEC 61131. When you use these application modules, MOVI-PLC® provides for exact control and coordination of all drives and other actuators involved in the application.

MOVI-PLC® Application
Technology function

In addition to that, it goes without saying that libraries containing function modules for technology functions such as electronic cam, synchronous operation, cam controller and virtual master axis as well as single-axis control according to PLCopen are available. Prefabricated program templates are available for application fields such as flying saw, packaging machine, etc.

MOVI-PLC® Application
MOVI-PLC® Application
Path interpolation
Although it was developed specifically for the areas of handling technology and pallatizers, 3D path interpolation can also be used in forming processes such as plate bending. PTP, LIN and CIRC commands are available in different (or even moving) coordination systems. Pre-fabricated program templates for different applications reduce the startup time dramatically.

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