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Drive application: Flying saw
Endless material must be cut to length - the classic job for the "flying saw." Before the cutting process starts, the saw must be synchronized, during the cutting process, the saw must move synchronously with the material and, at the end, it must return to the start position to begin the cycle again.

The "Flying Saw" module can also be used to realize other applications with a similar cycle, for example, synchronous material transportation, filling stations or "flying punches."

There are two ways of generating the start signal for synchronization:

The solution with MOVIDRIVE®
Set parameters instead of programming
The SEW “Flying Saw” application module is a component of the MOVIDRIVE® software package MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio. The user-friendly interface guides you through the process of entering the parameters. Only those parameters required for the specific application, such as cutting lengths and engaging distance, must be entered.

The application module uses this information to create the control program, then loads it onto the inverter. MOVIDRIVE® then takes over the entire motion control.

Wide range of functions
No matter how large the variety of applications for your "flying saw," the wide range of functions provided by the application module provides the right solution for every task.

Movement control with IPOSplus®
A significant feature of the MOVIDRIVE® drive inverter used with the applications modules is the integrated IPOSplus® positioning and sequence control system. Based on the specifications, an IPOSplus® program in MOVIDRIVE® controls the entire motion sequence with the application module as machine-oriented as possible.

The advantages at a glance

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