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Computing power in PLC-on-a-card can master up to 64 axes

Lyman, SC – Sept. 25, 2008 – Greater computing power and memory that can be used to automate an entire machine from a single PLC-on-a-card has been introduced by SEW-EURODRIVE in its advanced version of MOVI-PLC®. The new PLC can handle up to 64 axes for complex motion control applications, with curves calculated online, multi-axis interpolation and kinematic transformation. 


MOVI-PLC features integrated Ethernet interfaces for fast engineering and direct connection to the control level or plant controller for user-friendly remote maintenance. The versatile controller can be slotted into an SEW electronic drive or installed stand-alone to control machine operations. Programming uses the IEC 61131-3 multi-language environment and PLC Open-compliant function blocks. 


Available in three different versions depending on the hardware requirements of different networks, MOVI-PLC can connect to EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, ProfiNet, Profibus, EtherCAT, MODBUS TCP/IP and Ethernet UDP networks.  


Two CAN system bus interfaces, eight digital I/Os and two serial interfaces are located directly on each control card. Comprehensive data sets, the firmware and the control program can be managed or replaced easily using an exchangeable SD memory card.