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Aseptic gearmotors from SEW-EURODRIVE feature new motor designed to stand up to aggressive cleaning processes

Lyman, SC – Sept. 26, 2008 – A new IP69K-rated motor with a smooth-bodied, hygienic design is at the heart of the new ASEPTICplus gearmotor from SEW-EURODRIVE. The resulting hygienic gearmotor is designed to perform reliably in the high pressure, high temperature washdown conditions found in the food processing industry, where the aggressive cleaning agents and processes needed to maintain a hygienic environment are a frequent cause of electrical and mechanical failures. 


The DAS motor is integrally mounted with SEW gear units to create the ASEPTICplus gearmotor. The hygienic design means the motor has a smooth surface without recesses. Since there is no place for bacteria or contaminants to hide, this allows thorough and efficient cleaning. Plus, the TENV (totally enclosed non-ventilated) motor prevents contaminants from being spread by airflow. 


Among the many protective features of the new ASEPTICplus gearmotor are stainless steel components such as blanking plugs, breather valves, screw plugs and output shafts. Special coatings and sealants are also used, including a three-layer epoxy paint which is heat-cured after every layer, as well as EPDM rings and double sealing with FKM on the output side. 


Stainless steel gear unit output shaft options include solid or hollow shaft with key or SEW’s innovative TorqLOC® system.