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Machine diagnostics simplified with integration of AS-Interface into MOVIMOT® C gearmotors

LYMAN, S.C. - May 22, 2008 - A new AS-Interface offering improved diagnostic capabilities is now standard with MOVIMOT® C, SEW-EURODRIVE's line of gearmotors with integral frequency inverters. Designed for real-time communications at the sensor or actuator level, AS-Interface provides fail-safe connectivity under the most challenging ambient conditions. It links easily to higher-level fieldbus and Ethernet networks.


The integration of AS-Interface, an unshielded two-wire bus, makes it easy to connect sensors and actuators to distributed control systems using master and slave topologies. Up to 31 slaves can be connected to a drive system incorporating multiple MOVIMOT® C gearmotors. Maximum communications cycle time is 5 ms for 31 stations. Maximum line length is 100 meters, or 300 meters with a repeater.


MOVIMOT® C gearmotors feature a built-in LED for quick display of machine diagnostics and motor protection information. Each MOVIMOT® can accommodate up to two sensors.


The new MOVIMOT® C gearmotor with integrated AS-Interface is a multiple-speed drive with integrated brake management and soft start capabilities. It features 16 scalable speed specifications, including clockwise and counterclockwise direction of rotation. Power range is from 0.37 to 3.0 kW.


Actuator-sensor interfaces are a cost-effective alternative to conventional fieldbus systems, especially in conveyors and other systems using decentralized control architectures. Installation is limited to connecting the AS-Interface cable, which enables signal transmission as well as 24 volt power supply to the system. Power supply is daisy-chained from drive to drive in the form of a network bus. This installation structure provides a flexible and cost-efficient solution using prefabricated, pluggable connections.