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SEW-EURODRIVE integrates plc and motion control for flexible and functional distributed control systems

Lyman, SC - October 29, 2006 - A new slimline controller series from SEW-EURODRIVE that integrates PLC control and motion control in one compact device takes distributed control to the next level of functionality. By moving control system intelligence to the device level, MOVI-PLC® enables OEMs and their customers to gain unprecedented design engineering flexibility, efficiency of operation and overall system cost savings.


The new field controllers represent the next stage in the evolution of decentralized control from drive engineering pioneer SEW-EURODRIVE. The new field controllers can be housed in their own enclosures or slotted into the SEW drive system's option slot. This eliminates the need for a dedicated PLC system and time-consuming drive-to-PLC interfacing and other programming, as well as the wiring and panel space required for a dedicated drive and motion PLC.


"Powerful, small PLCs, coupled with advances in industrial control system networking, are underpinning the evolution of the next generation of distributed control architectures," said Dave Ballard, SEW's U.S. marketing director. "The marriage of conventional PLC control and motion control, all in a single compact device, will deliver a broad range of operational and financial benefits to OEMs, system integrators and factory floor personnel."


Industry is moving rapidly to decentralized control because of its obvious advantages in reducing design engineering time and component costs, as well as in improving machine response time. It eliminates the laborious and costly process of engineering control machine-by-machine and drive-by-drive. Decentralized control can also reduce installation and maintenance costs.


As a distributed controller, MOVI-PLC delivers increased security to OEMs and system integrators. A centralized control system typically provides a single point from which one person can gain access to the entire control algorithm - an effective "open door" to an OEM's intellectual property. MOVI-PLC reduces this risk, allowing an OEM not only to program and test the entire machine module before it is shipped as part of a larger skid-mounted package, but to lock down intellectual property - a major deterrent to competitors targeting reverse-engineering strategies. It also eliminates the "fiddle factor" from production floor personnel.


The new SEW controllers incorporate a wide selection of pre-written and tested function blocks that reduce design engineering time and costs. This library of standard function and motion blocks is usable in any of the five standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages and is compliant with the PLC Open motion control standard, further reducing machine control programming efforts. Applying technology functions, such as electronic cam, virtual lead axis, cam controller and synchronous operation, is equally simple, allowing tailor-made solutions to be quickly configured for complex, motion-intensive applications like material handling.


The scalable MOVI-PLC is available in two power classes. In the basic class, integrated interfaces for PROFIBUS®, DEVICENET®, CAN and RS-485 can control up to 12 axes synchronously from the system bus. In the advanced class for the top power range, up to 64 axes can be controlled over ETHERNET.

This multiple connectivity enables MOVI-PLC to be incorporated into a broad array of system architectures: as a stand-along controller supporting multiple connected drives, as a slave controller working in response to a supervisor PLC or directly linked to an operator interface panel for local control and monitoring.

MOVI-PLC can be installed as an option card in MOVIDRIVE® B drive inverters and MOVITRAC® B frequency inverters. It can also be used in the new MOVIFIT® decentralized control system, or as a compact controller mounted on a DIN rail.