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SEW-EURODRIVE’s new DRN.. series motor and DOE efficiency regulations

Lyman, SC - As of June 1, 2016, all 2, 4, 6, and 8-pole asynchronous motors with a power rating from 1.0 HP to 500 HP must meet the efficiency requirements according to NEMA MG1 Table 12-12 and IEC energy efficiency class IE3. Motors that do not meet these Department of Energy (DOE) efficiency standards cannot be sold as new or replacement motors after June 1, 2016.


The DOE continues to evaluate and to increase the minimum efficiency levels of electric motors in the United States. The following list is a recent history of its motor rulings.



The new Integral Horsepower rule (IHP) redefines electric motors and expands the scope of products covered since EISA 2007. Any motor that meets all of the following characteristics must comply with the IHP ruling and meet the new IE3 efficiencies.



SEW-EURODRIVE announces the IE3 compliant DRN.. asynchronous motor


To comply with the new IHP ruling, SEW_EURODRIVE now offers the DRN.. motor. Not only does the new DRN.. motor meet the stringent IHP energy efficiency standards, it also fits existing gear units to provide easy upgrades and retrofits of gearmotors containing DRS.. (IE1) or DRE.. (IE2) motors. The new DRN.. motor has only marginal changes in weight and dimensions compared to the DRE.. motor. Plus, the DRN.. motor remains the same price as the DRE.. motor. The bottom line is greater efficiency at no extra cost!


After June 1, 2016, S1 duty DRE.. and DRS.. motors ≥ 1 HP will no longer be available as complete motors. However, non-S1 duty complete motors ≥ 1 HP will still be available, as well replacement parts for all sizes. Visit for complete motor and gearmotor quotations.


As the world-wide leader in drive technology, SEW-EURODRIVE delivers unsurpassed engineering, technical support and new technologies.


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U.S. Department of Energy Guide to IE3 efficiency standards