Gearmotors and Motors Catalogs

Technichal data of DR gearmotors

The DR gearmotors and motors catalogs contain technical selection tables to facilitate choosing the proper gear unit/motor combination, and technical data of DR motors. You will also find the dimension sheets for DR gearmotors, DR motors, and DR..BE brake motors in these documents.

AC Motors DRS, DRE, DRP 71 - 315 AC Motors DRS, DRE, DRP 71 - 315
    Edition: 1682 7120/US - 01/2010

DRE Gearmotors catalog DRE Gearmotors catalog
    Edition: 1686 0322/US - 01/2010

DRP Gearmotors catalog DRP Gearmotors catalog
    Edition: 1686 0128/US - 01/2010

MOVIMOT® Gearmotors with AC MotorsDRS/DRE/DRP MOVIMOT® Gearmotors with AC Motors

    Edition: 1671 2722/US - 01/2010

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